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About us


Svensten AB is pleased to announce launching of the very first manufacturing unit of Artificial Stones in Sweden.

The company not only claims carrying the title of “Sole & Leading” Artificial and Decorative stones manufacturer in the region, but also claims the highest quality performance designed in accordance with the Scandinavia environment.


The company is proud to hold the “Made in Sweden” title and represent well the Scandinavian high quality concept to the end user.

For that Svensten AB acquired compliance to the ASTM International (American Society for Testing Materials), the toughest quality standards!


With the rise of apearing this new trend in Scandinavian Design and Architectural market, and also based on the 15 years of Decorative Stones Manufacturing back ground in Canada and lately in Middle East, Svensten AB nailed its headquarter and the first manufacturing plant for the Scandinavia region based in Stockholm Län.


Svensten design line can be interpreted to a dedicated art work shop in order to reveal the latent beauty of each single block of artificial stones. The stones are observed as an art framework and treated as an art piece.

Where the sense and passion come together and drive the colors through the textures, bonding to it and raising it to a piece of art called Värmdö, Old Castle and ...!


Svensten laboratory prioritizes the modular architectural solutions basis in the research and development process, while maintains its role to enforce additional research on lighting technology in the field of stone design. The laboratory ensures the most environment-friendly manner in the production line whether it comes to the waste or to the any trace in the products.




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